RPS Stage III Clutch
John B. Lunsford
Asheville, NC
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You will need the following items...

RPS Stage III clutch kit.

Pilot bearing, throw out bearing, new flywheel bolts (6), rear main oil seal, & transmission seal available from Jeff Watson at 1-800-327-2087 for around a total of $56.00.

3.2 Qts. new gear oil (I recommend RedLine MTL) also available at Summit Racing for about $9.95/qt.

Make sure that you have your flywheel resurfaced. This is a requirement when replacing a clutch and only costs about $25.00. Clutch life and reliability will suffer if you don't.

My impression of the RPS stage 3 clutch is a good one. At first, the clutch had a lot of chatter in it, but this was simply because it wasn't yet broken in. After about 500 miles or so, it all went away. The clutch is almost exactly like the stock unit. The only real difference is that it catches a little more "sudden". Now that I am used to it, I can't tell the difference between it and the stock one, only this one don't slip!


I have been having trouble with my clutch and was hearing something rattling around in there, so I took it out to find this...

RPS Clutch
RPS stage III on the left, stock (rebuilt) on the right. They have used a hub from an n/a or 20r truck, etc. They have six much smaller and weaker springs instead of the four heavy duty ones in the turbo and is not nearly as heavy looking or as thick.

RPS Clutch
Notice the cracks (red arrows). The missing spring was in the bellhousing and the piece of the other broken spring as well. I don't know where the piece of the frame went (double arrow).

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