Aux Fans Override
John B. Lunsford
Asheville, NC
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I decided to install a switch inside my car that will turn on the A/C fans for extra cooling, bypassing the fans relays.

aux fans seat switch
I put the switch right under the one for my intercooler fan on the side of the drivers seat.

aux fans
I tapped a power wire from the switch on the side of the seat into the blue wire that goes from the connector to the first A/C fan to introduce power to the fans when the switch is flipped. I didn't have any problems, but I would advise anyone else to use about a 20 or 30 amp relay for each of these fans.

Aux fans
I made an "outlet box" for accessories like my gauges, boost controller, and anything else that needs power that is accessed through the ignition switch. There is one wire going out from one of the switched fuses in the fuse box behind the drivers kick panel. It is on the side that has constant power, that is, if the fuse blows there will still be power on the lead. This lead goes to the box and has a fuse in it, and then there are eight power leads going out of box with female bullet connectors for accessories, one being the switch to the A/C fans.

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