Dyno Runs 05/20/2004
John B. Lunsford
Asheville, NC

420 STD

427 Std

All these runs are with a CT-26 with an upgraded compressor wheel only. The wheel is a t04e 60 trim (not a 60-1, which is from a t04b compressor housing. An "E" housing is smaller than a "B" housing). The rest of the turbo is OEM. I don't use a clip on the turbine nor do I recommend it. It only causes inefficient boost lag and no power gain. The OEM turbine wheel with no clip is sufficient for this level of power output.
These are the exact mods an all my 7M's in all my cars. They are all exactly the same because this is the best setup for OEM engines.
As for the reliability of the upgraded CT-26, I don't think there is any sacrifice in the longevity of the turbo with a 60 trim upgrade. I have been running the same turbo (now on my 11 sec 7M Celica) without a rebuild for over 7 years and close to 100,000 miles, and I'm not what you would call 'easy' on them!

-Walbro GSS-315 (or 345)
-Lexus AFM
-K&N RF-1020 (9" long)
-JBLMk3 LR 3" Elbow
-2" PVC intercooler pipes

18 psi boost
37 psi base fuel pressure (JE forged piston motor)
42 psi base fuel pressure (OEM cast piston motor)
12 deg timing (JE forged piston motor)
10 deg timing (OEM cast piston motor)
160 deg thermostat
stock 440 cc injectors
stock intercooler (I only use one)

Of course, I have the supporting basics such as good spark plugs, wires, clutch, MHG, etc. My motors are always fresh builds. Starting out with high mileage motors will just end up with a rebuild in the near future. I recently tuned a friends car with mods just like mine except he had 550's with a SAFC. It made 380 rwhp at 16 psi through an automatic with 180,000 miles on the engine! We could have made more but the plugs were fouling very badly and we didn't have any new ones (thanks 550's). We basically had to retune the 550's down to 440's. This is why I don't use them.

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