Intercooler Ice Cage
John B. Lunsford
Asheville, NC
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I made a cage out of 1/4"x1/4" hardware cloth around the sides and along the bottom of the engine side of the intercooler to hold ice between the intercooler and AC/radiator. The ice can continuously melt dripping cold water down through the intercooler fins keeping it cooler than just air circulating through it. This felt to me that it added about the same amount of power that 2-3 psi extra boost would make. The only throwback I can think of will be that a small amount of air will be kept from going through to the radiator. I don't think it will have any negative effects but I guess that's up for debate. It takes 1 bag of ice to fill it and around here it should last at least an hour or so even in the summer. It was really simple to make and only took about thirty minutes. You may have noticed that I moved the two horns over to the passenger side to get them out of the way.

Ice cage

Ice cage

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