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You will need a reliable AFPR (adjustable fuel pressure regulator) and a fuel pressure gauge. Of course, these items are in addition to basic upgrades (boost controller, K&N FIPK, upgraded exhaust.)

I do not run the 550s on my car. I don't think they are necessary on a car with anything less than a full t04 turbo or bigger with more than 15 psi boost. This section is for information only.
You will need the following parts for the upgrade (this does not include the appropriate gauges and monitoring devices)...

Lexus AFM part numbers:


These AFM's come off of the following Lexus V-8 models:
90-94 LS-400
90-94 SC-400
The latter half of 94 used a different type AFM on both cars and they will not work.

This is the number stamped on the aluminum AFM body, not the electronics. The electronic box will have a different part number (22204-42010 or 22204-42011) on it.

Compare Lexus AFM to Stock AFM
Lexus AFM (click on the picture to compare the Lexus AFM with the stock AFM).

550cc Fuel Injectors (I do not run the 550s on my car. I don't think they are necessary on a car with anything less than a full t04 turbo or bigger with more than 18 psi boost. This section is for information only).

These injectors are Nippon Denso 195500-2020. They are high impedance injectors. The Nippon Denso 195500-1320 injectors are low impedance. You can use either one in a 7M-GTE but only the low impedance 195500-1320 injectors in a 7M-GE. A high impedance injector will work in a low impedance system, but a low impedance injector will not work in a system designed for high. Using the Denso 550 injectors from RX-7s is not the best route to take in my opinion. I say this because of the inconsistencies in the flow rates and because of the simple fact that high precision Lucus Injectors and others are available for about the same price.
"Using high impedance injectors on a system designed for low impedance injectors is OK. There would be no damage to the injectors and/or the injector drivers. The only disadvantage is the reduction in response time for the injectors. The reduction in response time is about 0.5ms or less"
--RC Engineering
The duty rating will be about +/-1% off. There are a number of injectors that will work. I would suggest the Lucus 550cc injectors. They are more precise and are flow matched to each other, which makes the car easier to tune and more consistent.

550 Injector set 550 Injector
Nippon Denso 195500-2020 Fuel Injectors

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