Dual Stock Intercoolers
John B. Lunsford
Asheville, NC
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Well, today I finally followed through with a plan I'd been thinking about. I have all these extra parts now, so I thought I'd try putting both intercoolers on my car. So, with a little help from PVC, that wonderful stuff, I put the other intercooler on my car. Now I can turn the boost up to 16 psi (stock turbo) and my EGTs stay at about 1350. Before, I got about 1425 at 13 psi. Even after holding the throttle to the end of fourth gear my EGTs barely get to 1325 - 1350. I mounted the other intercooler right in front and just below the other one in the stock position. It kind of blocks the other one, but not completely. This is a huge gain. It would seem to me that the efficiency would be almost doubled and the pressure drop would be non existent now. This is meant to be like my PVC IC pipes, a temporary set up to be replaced when I get the money, but those PVC pipes are going to be on there for good!

Dual stock intercoolers mounted
Dual stock intercoolers front

PVC Intercooler Pipes for Two Stock Intercoolers.
Dual stock intercooler pvc pipes

If you've done the PVC intercooler pipe upgrade, this is the same thing, just a little bit more complex. PVC is very easy to use and work with, so I will not go into detail about how to make these.
Afterall, even with the change in the EGT's mentioned above, when I removed this setup I did not notice a difference. I guess overall, I would not say that this was worth doing or putting back on.

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