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All this information applies only to the Toyota 8" differentials.
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I got tired of my welded differential so I installed the limited slip carrier unit from 87-92 turbo Supra into the V6 third member housing. You can read more about the retrofit here http://www.4x4wire.com/toyota/tech/supra_lsd . Thank you 4x4 wire.com!

This is the differential and axles from the 87-92 Supra.

Three Differentials
Left to right: welded 4 cyl., 91 Supra LSD, V6.
All you have to do is put whatever ring & pinion you want onto the Supra unit (I used a 3.73 from the Supra) and install it in the V6 case just like the one that came out of it. The only difference is that the adjuster on the right side protrudes just a little, so you can grind the case a little (see below) to make it go in.

Axle Housing
The housing has to be ground just a little so the protruding adjuster will clear when reinstalling.

Differential Bearings
The main difference in the V6 and 4 cyl. casses would be the bearings and races. The bearing on the left is from the 6 cyl. units, the bearing on the right is from the 4 cyl.

V6 Differential     4 Cylinder Differential
V6 (left) and 4 Cyl. (right) 8" third members. The easiest way to identify the difference from the outside is the reinforcing ribs. The V6 unit has four and the 4 cylinder unit has three. The V6 unit uses larger bearings on the pinion (see above). The actual pinion and ring gear are exactly the same on all Toyota 8" units that I know of and will interchange as long as you keep the right bearings, even the independant rear LSD from the 87-92 Supras. The insides are interchangeable as well between 6 cylinder units.

Another difference between the 4 cylinder and V6 third members is that the bolt pattern is very slightly different. The top two and bottom two holes (red arrows) are different on the V6 unit and have to be enlarged or drilled out a little to fit.

Here are a couple comparison pictures...

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