1976 7M-GTE Toyota Celica
John B. Lunsford
Asheville, NC

The CELICA section is still under CONSTRUCTION as of May 24, 2007. I'll try to finish up asap!

My 1976 RA24 Toyota Celica GT Notchback with a 440 rwhp 7M-GTE.

Celica front

The car has about 164K miles on it. It has the original owners manuals and even the window stickers from when it was new!

Celica front driver side

I've been looking for one of these for quite a while and have found that they are quite rare. This one is in pretty good shape body wise, but needs a pretty good bit of interior work including a head liner, carpet and a few trim pieces here and there.

Celica front pass side

Here it is with the bumper removed and the 7M in. There's very little difference in the way it sits or looks. The places on the hood are where I welded the hinges back on. I removed the bracing under the hood to reduce the weight. It took over half the weight off, but it's pretty flimsy now.

Celica hood

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